What is a Professional Photographer?


The expression heard every single day in the world of photography is “I am a professional photographer.” This statement should be viewed in the framework that 8 out of 10 individuals with a DSLR refer to themselves as professional photographers. Needless to say, this statistical claim is a MUS (Made-Up-Stat). OK, the math is unclear, but in real truth, the claim is not too over-the-top.

The serious real question is “What makes a photographer a professional?” The great headshot photographer shedi who work at Shedi Photography obviously is one, and even though a friend recently paid me for a portrait recently, I’m certainly not one. So what exactly are the factors that allow photographers to label themselves as professionals?

Perhaps a more essential question is “What is really great about being professional photographers in Dubai ?” I would not be too crucial, but most of the function that a true professional photographer creates is rather routine, while most of the photography of “amateurs” is outstanding. Last but not least, the question continues to be: who ought to and who really should not be considered a professional?

In almost any scientific research, the resource should be over reproach. My resource is the commended newspaper, the Washington Post. The extremely recognized news organization at present is sponsoring a photo contest, which in itself is interesting. The rules for entry state that “only amateurs are eligible” to enter. As I read this, the thesis question instantly came into my thoughts. The Washington Post didn’t let me down. They described a professional photographer as “anyone who earns over 50 percent of his or her annual income from photography.” As a math teacher, I must admit I loved this definition. It is both clear and quantifiable. This basically means that if one earns $50,000 a year, $25,000+ should be produced from their photographic output.

This description makes the pool of professional photographers rather short, which it should probably be. After thinking about this, I probably do not personally know anybody qualified to be called a professional photographer. This is not a criticism as many of my colleagues are outstanding photographers.


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